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About Jilayne Rickards

Society of Garden Designers – Registered Member
British Association of Landscape Industries – Accredited Designer
RHS Chelsea Gold and Silver Medal Winner
Multi National Award Winner
Private gardens opened for the NGS

My Influences

My work in garden design remains heavily influenced by my early surroundings. Having grown up in the midst of the wild Cornish countryside, I spent my childhood studying the ever changing light, the sea, the high cliffs with their rugged rocks and the lines made by hills converging. To me, there was no better way to spend my time than high up viewing the cloud shadows racing across the landscape, watching the hay grass billowing in the wind, or feeling the raw force of the massive storms and crashing waves.

However, due to the lack of any sort of career prospect in Cornwall during the 1980’s, I moved to London where I have enjoyed the urban landscape, inspirational new and old architecture and the wide diversity of clients and schemes that London attracts.   I have designed many a small, tight, urban garden to bring enjoyment to the client and that benefits the local environment.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my life in London, but the call back to Cornwall has won the battle and I have now relocated permanently back to the countryside I know and love so well.  I am looking forward to using a completely different range of materials and plants that suit my new garden design projects in Cornwall..

Training & Qualifications

I trained in Garden Design at the hugely respected Capel Manor College in Enfield, and have been a practising garden designer since 2002.

In 2012 I was proud to join the elite few as a Registered Member, Society of Garden Designers – there only being just over 200 Registered Members in the UK due to the Society’s very exacting and high standards.

In 2013 I had the nerve wracking privilege of opening my garden under the National Gardens Scheme, and again in 2018.

2019 saw me accepted as an Accredited Designer, BALI (British Association of Landscape Industries).