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Contemporary Town Garden


This contemporary garden design in North London was existing when I first visited, but the planting had not worked very well. The planting was fragemented and disjointed which felt at odds with the perfect structure of the layout. The garden had Japanese inspired elements, both within the planting choice and ornamentation.

Design Brief

I was asked by the client to re-jig the planting scheme in order for the garden to be party ready in a few weeks time!

Garden Design

In order to create some balance within the garden, I decided to plant on the diagonal wherever possible.  The six pleached Magnolia grandiflora were all on the right hand side which made the left hand side empty and unbalanced.  I made the brave decision to move three to the left hand side and included an irrigation system.  I then doubled up on plants that were doing well such as the black stemmed bamboo (Phyllostachys nigra), moved the existing Acers into a more prominent position, and introduced a third Acer to complete a triangle across the entire garden.

The myriad bits and pieces were ruthlessly taken away and replaced with the evergreen grass (Anemanthele lessoniana) and a mass of zingy green Heuchera to underplant the pleached Magnolia grandiflora.