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Tree Installation


My client bought this property to develop and then live in as a family home.  Obtaining Planning Permission took a long time as the Council deemed the building should be listed.  Planning Permission was finally granted some 2 years after the original scheme was submitted.  Meanwhile, a small village was constructed on the other side of the road that greatly impinged on the privacy of my client’s house and garden.

Design Brief

This garden has an air of mystery, secrecy, romance and intimacy about it which both I and the client were keen to keep and embellish.  Privacy was the name of the game for the first instalment of the garden, so a first phase of tree planting was to take place asap to screen the new buildings which looked into the garden.

Garden Design

To create some immediate privacy, 5 evergreen Holmes Oaks (Quercus ilex) were planted along with a Parrotia and Gleditsia.  These needed to be large to create the privacy required and as such were too big to be manhandled or to bring through the main gateway.  Access was via the road and over the boundary wall.  I engaged a nursery to both supply and plant the trees as we needed cranes to bring the trees over the wall and diggers to dig pits large enough for the trees.

The trees were planted with underground anchoring systems and an irrigation system, both on the surface of the planting bed and also around the rootball underground.  The trees have been very successful and have increased in size within 6 months of planting.

The rest of the garden is shown under The Secret Garden in my Portfolio.