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This small back garden designed in Crouch End, North London, had nothing in it apart from a huge shed as a focal point, some lawn and tatty shrubs.  It did however have a wonderful backdrop into a local park with a gorgeous borrowed landscape of trees.  Being a terraced house, the garden was overlooked on both sides by adjoining properties.


The clients wanted a garden design that was different and unique, personal to them.  They wanted space designed for entertaining/eating, martial arts, lounging and relaxing along with storage for carpentry tools, a water feature and lighting.  They wanted a strong link between the inside of the house and the garden.


Struck by the amount of contrast used internally in the house, I decided to make this the key theme for the garden design.  The garden layout was set on the diagonal to make the best use of a small garden and to introduce interest within each section.  Contrast was obtained from using light and dark stone, putting an old material (copper) against modern blue acrylic sheets to form screens that formed a backdrop to contrasting purple Acers.  Old objects that the client had were placed within a very modern setting.  Privacy was gained by using a pergola over the entertaining/eating area that also contained a bespoke copper water feature.

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