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Woodland Garden


This large, overgrown garden also had level changes to consider.  A beautiful mature Oak tree (with TPO) and surrounding trees gave dry shade as a challenging growing condition. The garden backs onto unused school grounds containing neglected woodland. This garden design was part of a total renovation project.

Design Brief

The client wanted to make the garden feel like part of the house so that when they sat in the back lounge they felt a strong connection to the garden, and they wanted a good transition between indoor and outdoor.  Key areas were entertainment patio, several seating areas with differing views, large lawn, water feature, lighting and storage.

Garden Design

After the renovation, the back of the house had a strong contemporary theme and I was keen to link the garden design to this.  I used the same colour palette from indoors to outdoors to strongly link the two areas, along with a grid system that related back to the architecture of the house.  I used curves for the lawn area to bring the curves from the tree canopies to ground level.  The garden design was contemporary near the house to compliment the architecture, but gradually became looser towards the end to compliment the woodland surroundings.  By the far end of the garden, the planting design was completely naturalistic woodland.