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RHS Green Plan It Judge

I am pleased to be involved with the Green Plan It scheme run by the RHS to encourage schoolchildren into garden design and horticulture.  This is a student led project which encourages Year 8 and 9 / S2-3 students to discover the wonderful world of plants, and rethink the role of green spaces.

We have a huge skills shortage at the moment with many children not even contemplating horticulture as a viable career.  With the horticultural industry worth a solid £24.2 billion in 2017 and plants being utilised to help negate global warming, we desperately need the next generation to engage with our industry.

Over ten weeks in the autumn term, student teams will be paired with a volunteer horticultural mentor and challenged to research, plan and build a model of a garden they’d like to see in their school or community. Their mentor will offer guidance on designing a garden from scratch, share practical plant knowledge, and facilitate your young people to make decisions about their ideal green space.

I am so looking forward to seeing the schemes and encouraging the school kids to get involved in horticulture and to highlight the many benefits a career in this industry has to offer.  Judging due in December 2019.