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Tender Documents and Process

Now that your garden design is drawn up and agreed, the next stage is to obtain pricing from reputable landscapers.  At this stage, you will have paid for a high level of garden design and it is extremely important that your design is implemented correctly.

Along with a copy of the Survey, Presentation Plan and Planting Plan, the following documentation will be necessary in order for landscapers to accurately quote and build your garden design:

Setting Out Drawing

A Setting Out drawing shows the measurements of areas to be constructed and how they relate back to the building, along with the location of circle centres,  angles for curves and clearly shows any level changes.  This document enables the landscaper to quote accurately for materials and allows for precise implementation of your garden design.

Example Setting Out Drawing

Plant Schedule

A Plant Schedule is a document that states the plants to be quoted for including Latin name, quantity, size and shape.  This is necessary for a nursery to price from.


Construction Drawings

If your garden design contains an unusual element such as a bespoke pergola, water feature or retaining walls, drawings showing construction methods, dimensions and materials will be necessary.

Example Construction Drawing


garden-design-specificationA Specification is a document that ensures quality.  It has three sections: Site, Hard Landscaping and Soft Landscaping.  The document incudes details of setting up and site constraints (such as Conservation Areas, tree preservation orders etc), details of materials and how they are to be used, plant supply and planting including lawns, soil improvements and mulch finishes.  Without this document the landscaper is often left to make his own decisions that are unlikely to be in keeping with your design.